• ŠKODA UK study* shows the mental and physical benefits of dog companionship
  • As the days get shorter and darker, dog companionship can play a positive role in helping lessen the winter blues**
  • ŠKODA has teamed up with BorrowMyDoggy to provide 1,000 free premium borrower subscriptions, so people who are unable to own a dog can reap the benefits
  • 95% of existing dog owners claimed their mental health was improved by their dog and 77% would be lonelier without them
  • More than 51% of people without a dog wish they owned one, with 70% believing their mental health would improve if they did, while 43% think it would help address loneliness
  • To apply for a free BorrowMyDoggy premium borrower subscription, visit www.skoda.co.uk/discover/driving-with-dogs

Milton Keynes, 03 November 2022 – Following the clocks going back and days getting shorter, ŠKODA UK – a long-time champion of in-car safety for pet pooches – has teamed up with BorrowMyDoggy to help Brits enjoy the benefits that dog companionship can offer. It comes after research from the dog-loving car brand reveals the majority of non-dog owners believe their mental and physical health would improve with a dog in their life.

ŠKODA UK research of current dog owners found that a significant 95% believe their dog improves their mental health, while 77% believe they would be lonelier without them. In addition, 77% of owners say they would be less physically active without their beloved canine companion.

While those with dogs were already reaping the benefits of ownership, the study showed that more than half (51%) of Brits wish they owned a dog.

In fact, ŠKODA found that more than 70% of those who don’t own a dog feel that having one would improve their mental health. A further 43% of respondents also think that having a dog would help address loneliness, while 67% think that they would also be more physically active.

That is why, at a time of year when it is common for many to start to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)**, ŠKODA has teamed up with BorrowMyDoggy – a national organisation that connects dog owners with trusted local people to help take care of their pets – and is offering 1,000 free premium borrower subscriptions to its service.

ŠKODA has partnered with BorrowMyDoggy following research that revealed 42% of Brits feel owning a dog is too much responsibility, while 38% are too short on time to own a dog, and 29% believe cost of ownership is too high, despite the desire to have one. The subscriptions aim to combat these common stumbling blocks to dog ownership, and are open to those who feel they might benefit from canine companionship this winter.

ŠKODA is also helping to educate drivers on how to travel safely with dogs in the car. With seven million dog owners in the UK driving with their dog in the car at least once a week ŠKODA’s pet accessories such as harnesses, keep dogs safely strapped in when travelling. Further pooch accessories include a dog hammock for the back seats, reversible boot mats for muddy paw prints and dog guards to keep the boot divided from the passenger compartment.

ŠKODA’s award-winning line-up of cars has taken home multiple accolades over the years, including the KAROQ being crowned the Best Car for Dog Owners by Auto Trader, in addition to the SUPERB Estate and OCTAVIA Estate – with large boots and cabin space particularly comfortable for pet pooches.

Anyone looking to benefit from dog companionship without the responsibility of ownership, can visit www.skoda.co.uk/discover/driving-with-dogs to apply for one of 1,000 free premium borrower subscriptions to BorrowMyDoggy.