Airsoft is an increasingly popular shooting sport and, what’s best about it – almost anyone can join in! It is very diverse and does not require great physical fitness. It does however offer some healthy physical exercise and loads of fun and excitement! Airsoft is all about competing with the opponent and is a team game that provides an immense adrenaline rush.

Basic principles of airsoft

The most important piece of airsoft equipment is a replica of a weapon (airsoft gun) that very realistically reproduces actual, live firearms, with the main difference being that the airsoft uses small, plastic or biodegradable BBs, making it completely safe to play with. The airsoft gun is also equipped with other design solutions that allow shooting with BBs, but prevent the use of live-ammunition cartridges. Thanks to this, buying and using airsoft guns is fully allowed and does not require any formalities. We can conveniently order our airsoft gun online, e.g. from a store like

Now let’s move on to what the airsoft game itself is all about. It follows various scenarios, and the most popular one is based on two opposing teams facing one another. Each team has a minimum of a few players, and their main goal is to eliminate, or “shoot down” the enemy. Airsoft shooters are organized in forested areas or in abandoned warehouses / factories – in this case we are talking about CQB scenarios. They can last several hours or even a whole weekend, if the game is aimed at reenactment of real military missions. We are then dealing with a Mil-Sim shooter. Finally, it is also worth mentioning speedsoft, i.e. the most intense and demanding games, which are short, but the competitors have to run, jump, climb or even crawl – a lot!

Getting ready for our first game

Airsoft game scenarios are very varied, so everyone can find one that suits their fancy. We can also choose a fitting role for ourselves in our team – e.g. sniper or front-line assault, and thus tailor our participation in the game to preferences and physical abilities. Anyone who wants to join the game for the first time can find a company in their area that organizes airsoft events – or a group of self-organized players.

In larger cities, there are usually organizers of such cyclical shooters who rent equipment and even conduct initial training. However, if no such company is immediately available, there is always the option to join a private airsoft team. We will probably find enthusiasts of this sport on the Internet – on local forums or in social media groups. We can also create our own team, composed of friends or colleagues.

If we already have someone to play with, there still remains the matter of getting the necessary equipment. Basic airsoft equipment consists of an airsoft gun such as rifle, shotgun, revolver or airsoft pistol, ammunition and protective glasses. Of course, there’s a whole range of additional accessories available – from pads, through tactical vests and grips, to full uniforms. However, even the basic limited set, allows us to immediately start playing.