Muc-Off to exclusively supply EAV and EAV customers with range of Vehicle Care Products

EAV, the leading provider of urban specific sustainable transport, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Muc-Off, the global leader of bicycle and motorcycle care and performance.  

Muc-Off will become the approved bike care provider for EAV’s vehicles from January 2023, marking an exciting step for both companies. In recent years, Muc-Off has expanded its product offering to cater to the growing global demand for eBikes and eMountain bikes. EAV will be their first and exclusive eCargo bike manufacturer. EAV and its customers will benefit from the bike care market leader’s twenty-nine years of expertise in developing high-quality products that will ensure the vehicles consistently perform at their best, while also extending their life.

 “The majority of our customers are early adopting pioneers within their respective industries, replacing an increasing portion of their legacy fleet with our progressive eCargo solutions. Therefore, it’s imperative that our vehicles are as reliable as the diesel vans they are replacing.  Our partnership with Muc-off, who are undoubtedly the world leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care, will give our customers access to a fantastic set of products that will maintain our vehicles to the highest standard, keeping their fleet of EAVs ready for daily operation and best representing their brand. Crucially, with Muc-Off sharing our own focus towards sustainability, this partnership will achieve both maximum value for our customers and a positive environmental effect.” said Adam Barmby, CEO & Founder of EAV. 

All EAVs in operation are relied upon daily to provide commercial and other services across a variety of industries and use cases, all of which demand the highest standards of reliability and durability. To maintain constant operations in all weathers and urban road conditions, a thorough approach to vehicle maintenance is required.  Which is why Muc-Off will be supplying products from their Clean, Protect and Lube ranges, including their eBike specific lubricants which are built to withstand the higher torque loads produced by the EAV electric motor.   Muc-Off’s Inner Tube Sealant will also be provided to keep EAV vehicles running as efficiently and safely as possible.  

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with EAV and to have the opportunity to help keep their fleet in prime condition. Electric bikes, scooters, and vehicles have blown up in popularity in recent years, as we continue to see the migration towards more environmentally friendly travel solutions. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Muc-Off; this partnership allows us to take our commitment to the planet to a new level.” stated Alex Trimnell, CEO of Muc-Off.  

Muc-Off is the latest in a series of major brand name partnerships in the growing eMobility industry that have been announced by EAV. These relationships are predicted to bring significant advantages to the customers and users of EAV vehicles, aimed at streamlining the adoption of and improving the ownership experience of lightweight vehicles for commercial purposes. 

“It’s vitally important that our vehicles are as easy, safe and reliable to operate as the legacy vehicles they are looking to replace.  As well as the constant development of the vehicle itself, we are also in pursuit of the complete ownership experience for our customers, endorsing the shift out of vans and cars to sustainable, efficient transport solutions.  High profile partnerships with respective leaders in their field, such as Muc-Off, brings in the necessary expertise and experience that we can in turn pass onto our customers.” said  Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Executive Chairman of EAV. 
To learn more about EAV, and their growing portfolio of urban specific transport solutions, head to their website.   

To read more about Muc-off, and their commitment to sustainability through their Project Green Initiative, visit their website: