• GWM ORA has officially revealed the next model destined for the UK market
  • The new model, yet to be named, is a premium saloon planned to go on sale in Q1 2024
  • In addition to purchasing ORA Funky Cat First Edition, customers can now place reservations on the brand’s next model
  • This new model will enhance GWM ORA’s premium EV offering in the UK
  • For more information visit: www.gwmora.co.uk/nextgwmora

Today, GWM ORA has officially revealed its next model to launch into the UK; a fully electric premium saloon that shares the brand’s distinctive retro-futuristic design DNA. This exciting new model is expected to go on sale in Q1 2024, with specifications, pricing and name due to be announced in the coming months.

GWM ORA recently launched into the UK market with the ORA Funky Cat First Edition, which went on sale in November 2022. The brand’s next model will help cement its market position in the premium EV space – offering great levels of quality, technology and specification.

Speaking about the brand’s new model, Toby Marshall, Managing Director, GWM ORA UK said: “The reveal of our next premium electric vehicle in the UK is a really momentous occasion for the brand. It signals the high level of commitment and investment from GWM ORA to establish itself as a leader in multiple segments across the UK. We always knew our first model, ORA Funky Cat, was just the start. There are lots more exciting things to come.”

While there is no official pricing or specification announced for the UK yet, the ‘next model’ is already on sale in China and has been since late 2022. GWM ORA anticipates that pricing and specification of the brands new model will be competitive to brands like Tesla, Hyundai and Kia.

The pre-production show vehicle displayed at Fully Charged Live will be used to conduct localised tests ahead of its launch later this year and is only a representation of the final UK production version.

While UK specification is not yet confirmed, it is likely that GWM ORA’s newest model will feature an electric range of over 300 miles WLTP and offer both 2WD and 4WD powertrain options. The latter of which will produce around 400PS with 680NM of torque, resulting in a 0-62mph time of just over 4.4 seconds. Premium features like a large glass panoramic roof, synthetic leather seats and interior multi-colour ambient lights are set to come as standard.

Commenting on the brand’s UK product reveal, Mr Yao, Vice President GWM ORA Europe commented: “I am delighted we are making such good progress in the UK market with the ORA Funky Cat and the GWM ORA brand. The reveal of our next premium EV showcases that we are serious about our role in the UK market, offering customers fantastic quality products with high levels of specification.”

Reservations for GWM ORA’s new model will be available initially at the show, giving attendees of the event an exclusive opportunity to secure the very first production cars for the UK. The first 10 customers to place their reservations will receive limited edition concept art of the new model and a bottle of champagne in a branded display box upon handover of their new vehicle.

In addition to the newly revealed model, GWM ORA UK is planning to launch additional variants of ORA Funky Cat later this year. The brand anticipates offering more highly specified variants that will include features like: heated and cooled seats, massage seats, and a bigger battery option.