• Future mobility design house, Frank Stephenson Design, and global eVTOL pioneers, AutoFlight, reveal full design of Prosperity I at Le Bourget Paris Air Show
  • Designed by a global team at Frank Stephenson Design, the aircraft’s interior design was revealed last week, and the full-scale aircraft will be on display all week at the show
  • Frank Stephenson set to attend the prestigious Paris Air Show this Wednesday
  • The eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) capsule, Prosperity I, claimed a world record for the longest flight by an eVTOL aircraft on a single electric charge in February 2023 (250 km / 155 mi)
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Paris, France. Monday 19 June 2023 – Future mobility design house, Frank Stephenson Design, and global eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) pioneers, AutoFlight, have revealed the full interior design for the record-breaking eVTOL, Prosperity I, at Le Bourget Paris Air Show.

For the design of Prosperity I, the studio covered the full spectrum across their team including the capsule’s exteriors, interiors, ground handling and packaging. Following a comprehensive creative approach, Frank Stephenson Design strived to strike the perfect balance between form and function, delivering sleek, angle-free aesthetics that evoke a sense of safety, comfort, and innovation.

Frank Stephenson, Founder of Frank Stephenson Design, said: “By blending art with science, whilst using the latest eco-friendly technology to shape the future of design mobility, our studio aspires to create great products and vehicles that will shape the future of mobility.

“During the AutoFlight project, weight and safety were our utmost priorities; these dictate all of the work we do in this industry and weight must be kept to a minimum to maximise efficiency. We have multiple failure modes to ensure that the vehicle adheres to the highest standards of safety.”

The AutoFlight vehicle, named Prosperity I, claimed a world record for the longest flight by an eVTOL aircraft on a single electric charge in February earlier this year (250 km / 155 mi). The advanced engineering of the aircraft paves the way for an era of sustainable mass aerial mobility, while its refined design, crafted by the innovative team at leading design house Frank Stephenson Design, makes it highly desirable for future passengers and customers.  

The team at Frank Stephenson Design includes world-renowned designers and pioneering visionaries across diverse industries including mobility, aerospace, watches, infant seats, and soon-to-be space.

The interior design and exterior design of the full-scale eVTOL capsule will be on display at the prestigious Paris Air Show all week, with Frank Stephenson attending on Wednesday.

Frank Stephenson continues: “When it comes to the capsule’s aesthetics, the wings and propeller layout dictate the overall appearance of the aircraft and the interior concept is extremely unique – it’s a new type of space, and a very interesting package to execute. Cross-sectional areas should be minimised to reduce drag (the force that resists the movement of an aircraft through the air) and at the same time, the cabin must be comfortable and spacious enough for the passengers.”

“It is a thrilling industry at the cutting edge of design and technology, and it is incredibly exciting to look ahead to the next few years when we will begin to see these vehicles in the skies.”

Mark Henning, Managing Director, AutoFlight Europe, said: “We are thrilled to have worked with Frank Stephenson Design and collaborating with them for this project has been as smooth, dynamic, and inspiring as Prosperity I itself. Frank is one of the world’s most renowned and influential designers of our time and how the studio is defining the future of mobility is admirable. We can’t wait to showcase it next week.”

Frank Stephenson Design acts as an in-house or satellite design studio providing a full range of design services. With a reliable design process that promises excellence, the studio follows this on all their projects which always starts at the first stage of pen to paper. In a digital world, this form of work is increasingly rare, but immensely important to Frank himself and the studio team to ensure all their design work retains that human touch.

The Frank Stephenson Design team will join AutoFlight on its stand, Chalet #200, at Le Bourget Paris Air Show on Wednesday to showcase Prosperity I and talk about its design.

For more information about Frank Stephenson Design and to stay updated on the latest developments, please visit www.frankstephenson.com