• Dacia, the best value-for-money car brand, is challenging three of the UK’s top adventurers to compete to become its ‘Good Thinking’ Champion
  • Akke Rahman, James Forrest and Adell Baker will undertake a trio of outdoor tasks equipped only with a Dacia Jogger, a selection of essentials and the ‘Good Thinking’ that the brand is famed for
  • The competition highlights how outdoor adventure can be fun and uncomplicated
  • Outdoor swimming enthusiast and broadcaster, Alice Levine, will host the contest
  • The British public have the chance to win a Great British Adventure and watch the complete set of challenges via www.dacia.co.uk/fill-your-boots-challenge

Dacia, the best value-for-money car brand, is challenging three of the UK’s top adventurers to a competition of ‘Good Thinking’ via a series of outdoor tasks designed to test their know-how.

The contest sees outdoor adventurers Akke Rahman, James Forrest and Adell Baker compete to be crowned Dacia’s ‘Good Thinking’ Champion, equipped only with a Dacia Jogger, a selection of essentials and the ‘Good Thinking’ that the brand is renowned for.

Hosting the contest is outdoor swimming enthusiast and broadcaster, Alice Levine. She will front the competition that viewers are able to watch and engage with via Dacia’s social channels and website – including being in with the chance of winning their own Great British adventure.

The trio of adventurers will pit their wits against each other in three separate tasks, all beginning with the instruction to ‘Fill Your Boots’ – the signal for the contestants to load their Dacia Jogger with items that they are given, and need to choose from, to complete the yet to be revealed challenge. Some items are essential and others not, so the contestants will need to use ‘Good Thinking’ to determine what they need to successfully negotiate the challenge.

Recognising Dacia’s robustness and adventurous nature, all the challenges take place outdoors. They span building a raft from scratch or whipping up a delicious meal using only essential ingredients and a wood fire, to setting up their tent against the clock with the added pressure of being blindfolded!

Like Dacia, the contestants certainly have the adventurous nature they need to succeed, having all gone above and beyond when it comes to exploring the great outdoors.

Akke Rahman has literally climbed his way to success. In October 2020 he broke the UK record for climbing Mount Elbrus, reaching the summit in less than 24 hours, and in May of last year he became the first British Muslim to climb Mount Everest. The achievement is even more impressive considering Akke’s short climbing career and that he spent the majority of his 21-day expedition fasting for Ramadan.

On taking up the Dacia ‘Good Thinking’ challenge, Akke said: “I’m used to a physical challenge and whenever climbing you do need to keep your wits about you, but to win this contest is going to take a lot of mental agility! It’s going to be great fun though, and it’ll show how enjoyable an outdoor adventure can be with just the essentials.”

James Forrest is a peak performer in every sense, being best known for climbing all 1,001 mountains across the UK and Ireland in the fastest known time. Completing the truly mountainous task from 2017 to 2019, he walked over 5,000km, scaled the height of Everest 30 times and slept under the stars over 100 times. Such was the achievement that it earnt him the nickname of the UK’s ‘Mountain Man’.

James added: “I can’t say I’ve ever done anything like this before, but I’m looking forward to it. Akke and Adell are going to be very tough to beat, so I’ll have to tap into some of the good thinking from my past challenges to get by. I’m hoping it won’t be as demanding as climbing a mountain, but the comfort of the Dacia Jogger will certainly be welcome as I go about the tasks!”  

Adell Baker certainly knows how to make every moment in the great outdoors count. Having a normal 9 to 5 job during the week, Adell has made the most of her limited spare time to discover the most stunning scenery that the UK has to offer, charting her journeys and adventures on her popular travel blog since 2016. Combining her passion for photography and exploring, Adell provides her followers with an incredible insight into the best places to stay and visit as she hikes and road trips her way across the country.

As she prepared for the challenges, Adell said: “It’s good thinking that has helped me to complete a lot of adventures in a short space of time, so I’m hoping I can muster up some more when it comes to the tasks! Of course, there’s going to be plenty of friendly competition, but most of all I’m looking forward to another adventure that’s going to show just how enjoyable the great outdoors can be.” 

An avid fan of the outdoors herself, when it’s not too hot, too cold, or too windy, host Alice Levine believes the Dacia ‘Good Thinking’ challenge is perfectly pitched for our contestants: “They are all pro adventurers, but it would be no fun for them to breeze it, so we’ve thrown in some surprises to keep them on their toes… it’s a wild tiger. The surprise is a hungry, aggravated wild tiger. Just joking. Or am I? There’s no doubt they are going to have to think outside the box!”