Peter Clodd-Broom Co-Founder and Director of Meryl Fabrics - Copy - Copy

Meryl Fabrics®, multi-award-winning pioneer in sustainable textile production, has published today official figures demonstrating the sheer extent of its contribution to the circular economy, thanks to its revolutionary technology.

Research from The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a registered UK Charity established to tackle climate change, has revealed that a very substantial saving of 14.760 kg of CO2e is made per tonne for closed-loop recycling of textiles as an alternative to landfill.

Peter Broom Co-founder and Director of Meryl Fabrics® quantifies this in terms of the firm’s production output: “For every 5,000 T-Shirts that we produce at an average weight of 0.2kg, which equals one tonne, we are saving the environment almost 15 kg of CO2e. Combining that with the savings we make from local production and recycling and the reduced transportation needed as we manufacture only in Europe or nearshore, the reduction is more than double. And if we turn to review the water saving, the figures are also mind blowing – for every 5000 T-shirts, which equates to 3760m fabric as are saving 750,000 litres of water, as we use negligible water in the production of our fabrics.

“We are thrilled to have this data, validating our internal calculations and assisting us in providing a compelling reason why sustainable textile sourcing should be employed by all businesses. We are passionate about creating a movement for change, generating an understanding of what needs to be done to bring out environmental change.

“We have to stop exporting our textile problem to countries where many of our garments and other fabric items go into landfill, and we must convince an industry that has done things the same way for many years to change how they work. There is a better way to evolve and grow their business, not by changing overnight, but by including new sustainable products into their existing offering.”

Meryl Fabrics® celebrated in 2022 a record year for awards after chalking up an impressive 11 winner, highly commended and finalist trophies presented by international and UK bodies in recognition of their firm’s significant achievements in achieving sustainability with textile innovation. And following this, the pioneering firm has secured another four major finalist accolades in the first quarter of 2023.

Most notably, the firm was named Winner of the Circular and Recycling Award, National Sustainability Awards 2022; Winner – of the Industry Award for Sustainability, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®) and Winner of the Sustainability Award, Med-Tech Innovation 2022.

Driven by problem-solving, the award-winning Meryl Fabrics® uses hydrogen technology to enhance the molecular structure of fibres, seal-in microplastics within the yarn and improve the durability of garments. Their continual innovation in Meryl® Eco Dye offers a waterless dyeing process, saving thousands of litres of water during fabric manufacture as they re-engineer the presence of apparel.

Meryl Fabrics® seeks to replace cotton with its exceptionally soft touch fabrics that feature natural stretch and moisture management properties designed to be recycled and offer other businesses a fully circular model in one place.

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