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Climate controlled self storage refers to storage units or facilities that are specifically designed to maintain an controlled environment, inside the storage space. These storage units have systems in place to regulate temperature and humidity levels creating an suitable environment for storing items, including those that are sensitive or valuable. People often opt for climate controlled storage when they need to safeguard items that could be negatively impacted by temperatures, humidity fluctuations or other environmental factors that may cause damage.

Here are some vital features and benefits of climate controlled self storage:

Temperature Regulation: Climate controlled storage units come equipped with heating and cooling systems that ensure a temperature range, between 55°F and 85°F (12°C to 30°C). This helps protect items like electronics, wooden furniture, artwork, antiques and more from the effects of extreme heat or cold.

Humidity Control: In addition to temperature regulation these storage units also manage humidity levels to prevent issues such as mold growth, mildew formation or moisture damage. By maintaining humidity within a range ( around 55% relative humidity) climate controlled storage safeguards items like paper documents, leather goods, musical instruments, against potential harm.

Protection against the elements: Climate controlled storage units are usually designed to be insulated and tightly sealed ensuring that dust dirt and pests are kept out.This additional layer of security ensures that your belongings are kept in an safe environment.

Flexible Storage: Climate controlled storage is ideal, for a range of items, including furniture, electronics, clothing, photographs, collectibles, wine, important documents and more. It’s especially beneficial for items that hold monetary value.

Peace of Mind: Having the knowledge that your belongings are stored in an environment can provide peace of mind particularly if you’re storing irreplaceable possessions.

Year Round Accessibility: Climate controlled storage units offer year round access like storage units. You have the convenience to visit your storage unit at any time to retrieve or add items.

Rental Expenses: Climate controlled storage units generally come at a cost compared to units due to the additional expenses involved in maintaining the controlled environment. However it may be worth the investment to safeguard valuable items.

When considering climate controlled self storage options it’s crucial to evaluate your storage needs and the types of items you intend to store. Climate controlled storage is a choice for protecting items, from temperatures, humidity and other environmental factors that could cause damage or deterioration. You will get more Information about Climat controlled storage here: