Volvo Cars is taking its public charging offer for European customers to the next level by introducing a host of new and convenient features – all accessible through the Volvo Cars app – to make access, payment and charging a far simpler experience than before.

From today (16 October 2023), Volvo Cars begins a new partnership with one of the largest electromobility providers, Digital Charging Solutions, to offer this enhanced service to customers. This updated service will be rolled out to customers in Europe by the end of November, just in time for the holidays.

One of the biggest obstacles for drivers of fully electric cars has been access to a reliable and seamless public charging infrastructure. This new development, using the Digital Charging Solutions platform, simplifies public fast-charging usage and accessibility even further, thereby making it more convenient and seamless than ever before – and all through the Volvo Cars app. 

Access to more networks and more public charge points than ever before
Owners of existing fully electric Volvo models such as the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge, as well as customers of the forthcoming EX90 and EX30, will have the opportunity to access a significant network of more than 1,000 different charge point operators, encompassing more than 590,000 public chargers across 30 countries throughout Europe.

Cross-border travel remains one of the key features with this service. However, widening the scope of the accessible network means drivers of fully electric Volvos can go even farther thanks to a greater spread of publicly accessible chargers.

New features for a truly seamless experience
At Volvo Cars, we are committed to continually enhancing the public charging offer, ensuring that it caters for the evolving needs of both private and business customers. With this in mind, we are introducing a range of new features.

Plug & Charge functionality: the new Plug & Charge function will be compatible with our flagship fully electric SUV, the EX90. This feature promises a truly seamless experience when using public chargers, eliminating the need for complicated transactions and providing our customers with a hassle-free charging experience.

Remote charging control: customers can now remotely start and stop their charging sessions through the Volvo Cars app, giving them greater flexibility and control over their charging experience.

Monthly invoicing and business driver accounts: a new functionality allows customers to set up a business driver account for VAT and company invoicing purposes, simplifying the process for business users.

Subscription offers: customers can get subscription offers on public charging, allowing them to access preferential pricing on high-power charging stations. These offers will vary by market, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible value.

Julia Sandén, Business Owner for Charging at Volvo Cars, said: “Our focus continues to be on our customers and understanding their needs when driving a fully electric Volvo product. Being able to access more public chargers than before, all through a single app, enables our customers to make more electrified journeys thanks to these new accessible enhancements.”

Markus Bartenschlager, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Charging Solutions GmbH, said: “We are very happy about our new partnership with such a strong OEM and established brand such as Volvo Cars, who is following the path of 100% electrification. At DCS, we are continuously working on making charging easy and accessible for everyone, and we are very pleased to now also offer this service to customers of Volvo Cars. Until the end of the year, Volvo Cars customers across Europe will profit from our constantly growing public charging network. We look forward to a successful and beneficial collaboration.”

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