With recent rises in business energy prices, and government help for businesses soon coming to an end, a Newcastle-based energy assessment expert is providing helpful energy saving advice. 

Building compliance and energy assessment experts, Green Zone Surveys, is offering handy tips to try and use less energy and save on your business energy bills.

Saving energy in your office

With energy prices continuing to rise, this will have a knock-on effect on businesses’ wallets, but there are measures to take to try and use less energy.

As more and more companies are moving back to full-time office working, its vital to know how much energy laptops and computers are using, and how to limit the amount.

  1.  Choose your set-ups wisely. If desktop set-ups aren’t a necessary requirement, then opt for laptops which are a more energy efficient option. It you have older models in your office, its also worth upgrading to something newer and more efficient.
  2. Use less energy on standby. Make sure computers aren’t left on unnecessarily overnight or when they aren’t in use. You can save energy and battery power on your laptop simply by turning it off when not in use.
  3. Utilise power-saving settings. Computers use almost the same amount of power when they’re idle as when in use. Using hibernation or sleep mode will save energy by turning your screen off after a certain amount of time.
  4. Don’t print unnecessarily. It’s a good idea to save energy and unnecessary paper wastage by using digital copies of documents rather than printing them. If you need a printer, use a low-energy inkjet rather than a laser printer, which consumes more energy.

Using energy audits to identify cost-saving opportunities

According to Green Zone Surveys, businesses can also potentially offset rising costs and become more energy efficient, through implementing the recommendations in a commercial energy audit.

Conducting a commercial energy audit can identify opportunities to reduce energy use, lower carbon emissions and save money, by offering recommendations and allowing businesses to make informed decisions on what changes need to be made.

Technical Manager, Ben Palmer, said: Energy audits can reveal areas where energy is being used inefficiently, which could lead to significant cost savings of up to 17%, on average, each year.

“How much energy and where it is consumed is not static year on year, and an energy audit can show where changes have occurred and if a business has improved or reduced their consumption.”

An audit can also help to determine how to best invest in energy-efficiency technologies, such as LED lighting, energy-efficient plant and equipment, or energy monitoring systems.

Green Zone Surveys (UK) Ltd can provide Level 1, 2 or 3 energy audits, using their revolutionary audit software GreenAudit, in compliance with the methodology outlined in with ISO 50002 or BS EN 16247: 2012.

As one of the UK’s longest established providers of building and energy compliance surveys, Green Zone has been there since the beginning and has worked alongside businesses of all different sizes in a variety of industries. This means you can breathe easy knowing you are working with professional, industry experts who have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the full compliance process.

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