The Sun Program (Strong Universal Network), an EU-based global initiative supporting Climate Friendly Travel, has appointed a UK-based travel and tourism PR professional Sheila Manzano, as Chief Communications Advisor. The Sun Program is centred in SunX Malta, an education and support service provider, focused on helping the global tourism sector to tackle climate change and its negative impacts.


Built on the pillars of the United Nations programs for Climate Resilience, related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Biodiversity Conservation, its goal is to progress the visionary work of Climate Activist and Sustainable Development pioneer Maurice Strong, through Climate Friendly Travel.


Founded in 2010, the key purpose is to educate and support tourism organisations, companies and destinations worldwide to set plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, starting now.


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Manzano will work closely with the organisation’s Founder and President, Geoffrey Lipman as well as the UK-based Programme Manager Olly Wheatcroft, to build greater awareness of the Climate Friendly Travel mission and putting in place 100,000 STRONG Climate Champions across all UN states by 2030.


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Central to their work is the Climate Neutral Ambitions Registry. Helping to keep global temperatures at levels suitable for human survival, the Registry is an entry point for the Travel & Tourism sector to the UN Global Climate Action Portal .


Manzano, who has worked in the tourism sector globally for 30 years, has been specifically brought in to improve communications and media relations


Manzano said:


“I’m really excited to work with Geoffrey, Olly and the global team. It is important that individuals take charge of the role they hold in this climate crisis. In a volunteering capacity, I’m able to apply my skills and knowledge of the media industry and support the cause. It is my way to make a positive commitment to the principles of Climate Friendly Travel.”


Lipman (President SUNx Malta) said:


“The Climate Crisis is existential. We must act now. The IPCC called for emission peaking by 2025 to get to Net Zero 2050. Sheila’s 15 years in public relations will be an immense support in spreading our programs and news. Her aligned values and passion to support the mission will help us increase visibility with media. We are delighted to have her join us.”


Manzano will be a key contact for the media wishing to know more about the organisation and its initiatives, positions and vision. Media wishing to join events can do so free of charge – please contact Sheila to register. Click here to listen to the Climate Friendly Travel Podcasts with leading industry pioneers.