Thirlings Dry Gin is the second spirit from England’s northernmost distillery



Ad Gefrin proudly introduces Thirlings Dry Gin, a classic spirit crafted and bottled in the heart of Northumberland. Following the distillery’s inaugural whisky blend – Tácnbora – launched at the end of last year, Thirlings Dry Gin is the second spirit to be offered by England’s northernmost distillery.


Thirlings Dry Gin is more than a beverage; it is an invitation to embrace the traditions of the past while celebrating the vibrant present. Crafted with meticulous care and using botanicals with a Northumbrian heart and Anglo-Saxon soul, Thirlings Dry Gin is a testament to the flavours of Northumberland, from the evocative Cheviot Hills to the sweeping coastline. Each sip captures the essence of Ad Gefrin’s natural surroundings: heather and pine from the hills, elderberry and dill from the hedgerow, and Irish moss and sea buckthorn from the coast.


Deeply rooted in history, Ad Gefrin again celebrates their ‘heartland’ through their spirits.  The 7th century thegns who inhabited Thirlings were responsible for overseeing the cultivation of the land, safeguarding its natural abundance and creating feasts befitting the Northumbrian kings and queens who set up court in their midst every summer.  The royal palace of Ad Gefrin was a place where tales were woven, friendships were kindled, and lasting connections were forged. Today, Thirlings Dry Gin encapsulates the spirit of togetherness, inviting friends, loved ones, and gin enthusiasts to gather and indulge in the flavours of Northumberland’s history.


At 43.6% ABV, Thirlings Dry Gin strikes the perfect balance, offering a smooth and sophisticated drinking experience. Its versatility lends itself to classic cocktails or savouring it neat, ensuring it will be enjoyed by both gin connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The perfect serve is with a premium tonic and a twist of orange peel, and if you want to keep it Northumbrian, try pairing it with Marlish tonic water.


Thirlings Gin is available in person from Ad Gefrin Anglo-Saxon Museum and Distillery, and online at plus a few selected stockists – see website for details. RRP £39.00.