Who is Jenny Ryan from The Chase Better known as The Vixen

Jenny Ryan, also known as The Vixen, is a British quizzer and one of the chasers on the popular quiz show “The Chase.” She first appeared on the show in September 2015 and has since become a fan favorite. With her red hair and fierce personality, Jenny has earned the nickname “The Vixen” for her competitive spirit and quick wit.

Prior to joining “The Chase,” Jenny was already an accomplished quizzer. She was a contestant on the ITV game show “University Challenge” and has competed in various quiz competitions around the world. Her impressive knowledge and quick thinking make her a formidable opponent on the show, and she has amassed a large following of fans who admire her intelligence and tenacity.

Outside of her role as The Vixen on “The Chase,” Jenny is also a talented singer. She has participated in several singing competitions and has showcased her vocal talents on various television shows. In addition to her quiz prowess, Jenny’s musical abilities have endeared her to even more fans, who appreciate her versatility and passion for the arts.